Biological Diversity

In many ways, it’s the extreme complexity of life on Earth that makes the entire ecosystem so stable and beautiful. However, biological diversity is threatened by the human need to eat and expend energy. We’ll take a look at the challenges to other animal species created by the presence of modern humans.

How Wikipedia around the World defines Biological Diversity (add your language)

English: Biodiversity is the variation of life forms within a given ecosystem, biome, or for the entire Earth.

Spanish: Biodiversity, also called biological diversity, is the term which refers to the wide variety of life on Earth and the natural patterns which shape it, resulting from billions of years of evolution from natural processes as well as the growing influence of human activities.

Chinese (生物多样性): Biodiversity is a relatively new term in biology. Put simply, it means the life of different species on earth, which throgh their interplay and interference maintain the ecological balance on earth.

German: Biodiversity or biological diversity, according to the Charter on Biological Diversity the variety of species on earth, the genetic variety as well as the variety of the ecosystem.

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