Water remains key for African development

It’s no secret that we all need water to drink. It’s also no secret that every country needs water to do business at the most fundamental level.

In fact, a recent piece in Reuters says that agricultural and development-oriented investors could…

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Water: voestalpine asks: What’s the next step towards the future?

Water is either something taken for granted or a very precious commodity. Water quality, like air quality, is a key indicator of the state of our planet. Join our discussion of the next step to a better future, and send…

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International Space Station astronauts embrace urine recycled as water

Yesterday, astronauts aboard the ISS took, what The Associated Press called: “one small sip for man and a giant gulp of recycled urine for mankind.”

Yep, scientists have now perfected recycling drinking water from human urine. Until now, Russian scientists get their…

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The Guardian (UK) Visits the South-North Water Diversion Scheme in China

For years, China has been undertaking a little-reported engineering project, the South-North Water Diversion Scheme.

The idea is to bring massive amounts of water from the water-rich south to Beijing and other parts of the drought-ridden north.

This half-century old project…

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Water is something you either take for granted or you don’t, depending on where you live. It’s also, like air, an important indicator of planetary wellness. We will explore daily lifestyles different from our own to open up a global…

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