Progress: voestalpine asks: What’s the next step towards the future?

Progress noted in a comparison of current and prior centuries or of different cultures isn’t merely a matter of a scientific-technological worldview manifesting itself in positive ultimate prospects. The definition of progress and all that’s been made possible or prevented…

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IBM designing supercomputer that can play (and win?) Jeopardy

We all know that computers can beat humans at checkers, chess and they’re working on go. But what about Jeopardy!, the classic American trivia game show?

For a computer, playing a game like chess is relatively easy compared with a game like…

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Google starts to make U.S. public data available, searchable, comparable

Yesterday, Google announced that it would be making a certain piece of data from the American Bureau of Labor Statistics available via its search engine — that is, the unemployment rate in America from 1990 to the present.

Previously, if you’d…

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Networked Urban Imagination

Unortkataster Köln is a project of Köln 2020 which allows users to document and map what they refer to as “architectural or social deficiencies” around the German city. This could range from potholes to graffiti to sound pollution.

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Progress is an ideal not shared by all people and all cultures. How can we come up with a definition that fits our own society? What can we learn by comparing these definitions?

How Wikipedia around the World defines Progress (add…

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