Panthapath Furniture Market

Apartment, schools, colleges, offices and institutions in Dhaka are increasing to meet the needs of the rapidly the population of Dhaka City. To fulfill the need for house and interior decoration many furniture markets have been built in different parts…

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Kawran Bazaar - the Biggest Wholesales Market in Dhaka

Kawran Bazaar is the biggest and most famous wholesale general market in Dhaka City. All kinds of vegetables, fish, rice and other commodities are supplied to the small markets from here. At the end of eighteenth century Kawran Singh, a…

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Mohammadpur Krishi Market

The Krishi Market is situated in the under developed suburb of Mohammadpur in Dhaka City. The Krishi Market is famous for rice wholesaling. Once the area was considered as a crime zone but now through a government initiative the situation…

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Town Hall Market

Mohammadpur and Lalmatia are closed to the developed area of Dhanmondi but they have some way to go before they rival this major suburb. The area is still largely underdeveloped although most of the local people are middle or lower…

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Dhanmondi road no 27 expressed the aristocrat, liking and consumerism of Dhanmondi, a very important place and first growing developed by the building developers. Along with series of apartments huge number business and shopping centers has been established which distorted…

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Bashundhara Mega Mall

Bashundhara Mega Mall is the biggest shopping market in South Asia. It is regarded in Dhaka as an ultra modern shopping centre, situated on Panthapath, a major thoroughfare of Dhaka City. This modern shopping mall emerged from a project to…

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