Online Storytelling

In the world of Internet, where our identities are mostly unknown and users seldom have chances to meet each other in person; there is still the possibility to create something jointly.
Let’s write 2 stories together in English!
Whether it’s a love…

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March 18 Movement Fights for Bloggers’ Rights

On March 18, 2009, Iran gained the dubious honor of becoming the first nation in the world to have a blogger die while in custody.

That first victim was Omid Reza Mirsayafi, a 29-year-old Iranian blogger and journalist who wrote largely…

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Identity: voestalpine asks: What’s the next step towards the future?

The internet has fundamentally redefined the concept of identity. What does it mean to have an identity when language, culture and media are communicated in a gigantic network that spans the globe? Join our discussion of the next step to…

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Local Economies and the Church of Life After Shopping

The New York-based activist, Reverend Billy is an Elvis-inspired, white-suit-clad iconoclast and self-ordained minister of his own Church, the Church of Life After Shopping. As reverend, he preaches the evils of consumerism.

But with a 40 member choir and a feature…

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The Internet has totally transformed the definition of identity. What does it mean to have an identity when one’s language, culture and media are communicated on a vast, dynamic, global network?

How Wikipedia around the World defines Identity (add your language)


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