30.08.2009: Cosplay Party

Tonight we had a grand gathering with many Cosplayers from all over Austria…

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28.08.09 Live Bit Presentation: Microbloggingsuit for an industrial worker

Flaviu Moldovan brought us to his microblogging world through his art project; Microbloggingsuit for an industrial worker. The repetitive actions from three workers in Romania were verbalized into live twitters. They were not known, but now are connected to the…

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28.08.09-30.08.09 Second Life Weekend Trip

In the virtual world we visited the key places of 80+1: a journey around the world. The difference between the the reality and second life is sometimes hard to be seen. Beijing, Dubai, Okinawa and many more were in our…

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28.08.2009 Web 2.0 Concert

DJ Bernhard Pusch defined IDENTITY in his unique way. How people talked about, sing about , discuss about identity and Internet was remixed into the beats of the music, which served as the battery for the whole concert. Different identities…

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26.08.2009 Web love and thriller story reading session

On August 26th we read the two stories created online. The whole session was flavored up by the guitar music that brought everybody into the scenes. We were curious about how the stories we wrote ended…

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Reminder: Participate in Online Storytelling!

In the online world, where our identities are mostly unknown, people don’t always have a chance to meet each other in person. However, we can still create something together.

So, let’s write two stories together in English!

Whether it’s a love story…

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