Israeli newspaper uses poets, novelists to cover news

Journalists are notorious for seeing the world through concise, tight, punchy language. This is part of a centuries-old tradition of how people can process information more quickly. However, one of the problems with this tradition — however well-intentioned — is…

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Heritage: voestalpine asks: What’s the next step towards the future?

Although cultural heritage is generally associated with the past, it is all too often a source of conflict between different cultures right here in the present. Respect for artistic production or other works of human creativity ought to be accorded…

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China planning to raze oldest part of Kashgar

I’ve always had a strange fascination with Xinjiang, the westernmost province of China. It seems an entire world away from the bustle of the east with its megapolises of Beijing and Shanghai, not to mention all the other industrial monstrosities.…

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Direct Action and the Legacy of the Bhopal Disaster

Activist organizations Students for Bhopal and Bhopal Survivors were in Brooklyn yesterday at the Change You Want to See gallery to speak about their cause.

The groups showed excerpts of the new film by the Yes Men in which the activists pulled a hoax on…

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BakerTweet alerts bakery customers to fresh bread

In what just might be the most clever use of Twitter that I’ve ever seen, a London outfit has just come up with a small little hardware device that can combine one of the oldest of traditions — bread-making —…

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Making Our Literary and Historical Heritage Available Online

One item that caught my eye in the news today was that UNESCO has just opened the World Digital Library, the first online, international, book depository.

The project, which launched today in Paris, “draws material from more than 30 national libraries and…

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