Interview with Pakistani photographer Ameer Hamza

After poking around the Internet for information about Gadani, I came across a striking set of photos from Karachi-based photographer Ameer Hamza.

I decided to contact Mr. Hamza to learn more about Gadani. Here’s our email interview:

Why did you go to…

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New Ship Recycling Treaty Signed in Hong Kong

After a week-long conference in Hong Kong, this week saw the signing of a new, extensive international treaty on ship recycling.

After five years of negotiations by 64 countries, the new regulations, known as the International Convention for the Safe and…

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Gadani ship-breaking site booming, dangerous

If you’ve read our page on Gadani, Pakistan, then you’ll know that this town on the outskirts of Karachi is one of the world’s foremost sites for ship-breaking — that is, dismantling it for scrap when it outlives its usefulness.…

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Gadani, Pakistan

Topic: Recycling
Schedule: Week 9 (August 12 - August 18)
Art Project: Tug of War
School Project: HS Steinerkirchen
Partner School: School of Pakao Macka (Pakao Macka, Senegal)

Gadani is one of the world’s largest sites for “ship-breaking,” — the dismantling of cargo and tanker…

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