Climate Change

Different countries, different BBQ

The keyplace of the topic “Climate Change” of 80+1 is Finland. People there eat reindeer. Since one should at least try, we tried! And the guests aof 80+1 liked it!

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(Deutsch) Die Formel E - eine Schnitzljagd mit modernster Technik

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

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Experts Debate Energy Usage of the Lesser Evil: Nuclear vs. Coal

Earlier this month, the American science magazine Seed conducted an online panel discussion on which energy source is the least evil.

In the United States, unlike Europe, there are only 104 nuclear reactors — representing about 20 percent of all domestic energy…

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Greenland to become the Dubai of the North?

So while the world was watching Iran’s chaos this weekend, there was a new state in the process of being born: Greenland.

Yes, that massive ice sheet that takes up an unfathomable part of your world map is well on…

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Credits: The Finnish Bio Art Society, Laura Beloff, Erich Berger, Prof.
Antero Järvinen, Anu Osva
Supported by: The Finnish Bio Art Society and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Helsinki University
Topic: Climate Change
Place: Kilpisjärvi Finnland / Finland

Kilpisjärvi is the site of a field research station whose aim…

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Small-time bike sharing hits Collingswood, New Jersey (USA)

While bike sharing began in Europe and has recently spread to North America, its largely only exists in big cities like Lyon or Montreal.

However, a Philadelphia suburb, Collingswood, is now well into its first year of a small bike-sharing program…

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