23.07.2009-25.07.2009: Lullaby singing in Linz

On July 22nd people in Linz took part singing lullabies, children songs and melodies from their cultures and childhood with us. Those songs were later on shared internationaly with Buenos Aires, Argentina during the presentation of Live Bit Arrorró. Althoug we speak different languages, songs are without barriers and able to touch people’s heart deeply.

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Presentation of the Arrorró Live Bit

Presentation of the Arrorró Live Bit: Pflasterspektakel artists give live renditions of lullabies together with singers in Argentina.

See you then!


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Arrorró: The Global Flow of Lullabies

Arrorró is one of 20 “Live Bits” art projects that will exhibit on Linz’s main square this summer as part of 80+1: A Journey Around the World. Gabriela Golder, an art professor at Argentina’s Maimónides University and Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, describes…

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Artist: Gabriela Golder [Argentina]
Realization: Gabriela Golder, Escuela de Comunicación Multimedial de la Universidad Maimónides [Argentina]
Production and collaboration: Abel Casanelli, Violeta Gau, José Allona, Violeta Cassanelli, Alejandra Marinaro, María Fernanda Amenta, Facundo Colantonio, Valeria Evdemón, Pablo Martín Fernández, Guido Gardini, Guido Cerato [Argentina], Ars…

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