Blowing air from Beijing to Linz

Artist group: 8GG interactive (Fu Yu, Jia Haiqing) [China]
Tech: Shan Yang, Sun Zhongyi [China]
Assistance: Er Mao, Ding Ying [China]
Special thanks to: Gai Yunong, Wang Zhaofang, EON [China]
Topic: Food
Location: Lord of Salt Restaurant, Beijing, China

This project creates the illusion of moving scents from Beijing to Linz. In the Chinese capital, participants blow into a sensor, which will transmit to the electronic fan in Linz, thus releasing scents into the wind. The ensuing breeze will transport smells of the Chinese delicacy, “Spicy Hot Pot”. The installed scents are collected and obtained in advance from Beijing, which are all familiar smells from different foods or tea. Meanwhile, there are real time visual signals transmitting between Beijing and Linz so that people can feel as if the scent travels without boundaries.

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27.06.2009: Hot Pot cooking event LIVE with Beijing

Tastes of traditional delicacy in China.
In the Chinese cultural, hot pot is a type of foods that represents a sense of group activity. Family members and friends gather together not only to eat hot pot but also to enjoy the quality time with each other. People would sit around a round table and have a pot of boiling soup in the center. Everybody has the access to each ingredient and is free to cook whatever he/she desires any time and simply dip it into the pot and wait till it’s done. As a result hot pot has already become one of the delicacies people must have in special occasions as well as in ordinary meet ups.

Besides the cities in China, 80+1 also wishes to show Linzers one of the most representative eating cultures of Chinese people. Consequently to cook Chinese hot pot along with Austrian fondue, which shares similarities with the Chinese chafing, for people in Linz can provide them a more complete picture of what China is like.

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27.06.2009: Live Bit presentation Blowing – blow the air from Beijing to Linz

We will see how the smell of Chinese Hot Pot is blown from Beijing to Linz.

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