80+1 Memory


To play Memory please follow these steps:

Step 1:
Enter your name and click “Enter”

Step 2:
People who are online show up in the list. Select someone to play against by clicking “Invite” “Pending” shows up when you have invited somebody to play and are waiting for him/her to accept. Click “Accept” if another player has invited you to play against him/her.

Step 3:
Player 1 starts the game by clicking on one of the cards facing down – a “Wassermotiv” appears. Memorize the picture and try to find its sibling/pair/match by clicking on another card. If you´re right you get a point and can continue. If you guess wrong it´s Player 2s´turn. The game is finished when all cards have been taken and the Player with the most points (matching pairs) wins the game. You then can play again or end the game. New Players can start playing.

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