Dilkusha, Motijheel View-2

Nowab Sir Soiod Solimullah’s brother-in-law Nowab Mr. Azim built a luxurious palace for recreation and gave name Dilkusha. Although everything of that palace has been perished but a beautiful old mosque and shrine of Nowab family’s members still remain. After divide of the British India on 1947, the Municipal Corporation gave the name of the area as “Dilkusha” as the name was the palace. At present “Shadharan Bima Vhabon” ( General Life Insurance Building ) stands in the place of Dilkusha.

The head office of Bangladesh Biman Airlines is here. In front of Banladesh Biman Building, there is a big archetype of Balaka (bird), the trade mark of Bangladesh Biman Airline. This traffic land known as Balaka Chattor ( Balaka Ground ). Many companies head offices are located here. All buildings of this area mainly uses as office and business place, that is why this place is called Dilkusha Commercial Area.

Janata Bank Vhabon, Agrani Bank Vhabon, Hotel Purbani International, Rajuk Vhabon, Shadharon Bima Vhabon and many other important building stands on Dilkusha. As the governmental holyday on Friday and Saturday, Dilkusha Area looks like a small town with less people.

ইতিহাস বিখ্যাত নবাব স্যার সৈয়দ সলিমুল্লাহ সাহেবের ভগি্নপতি নবাব আজিম সাহেব চিত্ত বিনোদনের জন্য মতিঝিল এলাকায় অত্যন্ত মনোরম প্রাসাদ নির্মান করেছিলেন এবং তার নাম দিয়েছিলেন দিলকুশা । প্রাসাদের প্রায় সব চিহ্নই আধুনিকতার আকাশছোঁয়া ভবনের আড়ালে হারিয়ে গেলেও একটি সুন্দর প্রাচীন মসজিদ ও নবাব পরিবারের কয়েকজন সদস্যের কবর এখনও কালের সাক্ষী হয়ে আছে। ১৯৪৭ সালে দেশ বিভাগের পর তৎকালীন মিউনিসিপালিটি দিলকুশা প্রাসাদের নামানুসারে এই এলাকার নামকরণ করেন দিলকুশা। প্রাসাদস্থলে বর্তমানে শোভা পাচ্ছে বহুতল সাধারন বীমা ভবন।

দেশের উল্লেখযোগ্য বহু শিল্প প্রতিষ্ঠানের প্রধান প্রধান অফিস এই এলাকায় অবস্থিত। এই এলাকার প্রায় সব ভবনই বানিজ্যিক প্রতিষ্ঠানের অফিস হিসেবে ব্যাবহৃত হওয়ার কারণে এলাকাটি মূলতঃ দিলকুশা বানিজ্যিক এলাকা হিসেবে পরিচিত।

বাংলাদেশ বিমান এয়ারলাইনস এর প্রধান অফিস এখানে হওয়ার সুবাদে বাংলাদেশ বিমান এয়ার লাইন্সের ট্রেডমার্ক বলাকা অবলম্বনে দিলকুশা এলাকায় নির্মিত হয়েছে বিশাল বলাকা ভাষ্কর্য এবং এটি বলাকা চত্ত্বর নামে পরিচিত।

সুউচ্চ জনতা ব্যাংক ভবন, হোটেল পূর্বাণী ইন্টারন্যাশনাল , রাজউক ভবন, সাধারন বীমা ভবন, অগ্রণী ব্যাংক ভবন সহ আরও অনেক গুরুত্বপূর্ণ স্থাপনা দিলকুশা এলাকায় অবস্থিত।
শুক্রবার ও শনিবার সাপ্তাহিক ছুটি থাকার কারণে এই এলাকায় লোকসমাগম কম দেখা গেলেও অন্যান্য দিন এখানে যানবাহন ও লোকজনের ব্যাপক সমাগম দেখা যায়।

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Apartment, schools, colleges, offices and institutions in Dhaka are increasing to meet the needs of the rapidly the population of Dhaka City. To fulfill the need for house and interior decoration many furniture markets have been built in different parts…

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Rajdhani Super Market is the best-known market for women fashion products of the Dhaka City. Mostly middle and lower middle class woman frequent it as all type products; household commodities and cooking utensils are available in the market.

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Rayer Bazaar City Corporation Market was built in 1965. It’s a historical and traditional market of Dhaka City. This area is named Rayer Bazaar following the name of the bazaar although the location has another name, Sultan Ganj, which is…

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Shankar Plaza

Nijam’s Shankar Plaza is situated opposite side of the famous Chayanot Cultural Building, beside Satmasjid Road. This seven storied commercial building was built in 2003.

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Rickshaw Tour, Road View

Dhanmondi to Mohammadpur

The Satmasjid Road links Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur directly, from Rifle Square to the Mohammadpur bus stand. The road not only links two areas but also in reality two distinct lifestyles. The inhabitants of Dhanmondi are comparatively rich, well-educated…

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Geneva Camp Bazaar

Bangladesh became independent in 1971 after vicious civil war in which millions of lives were lost. During the Pakistani period, Bangladeshi people were persecuted and exploited in all aspects of life and politics. After the liberation of Bangladesh, a huge…

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In 1994 the children’s recreational park named Shishumela (Children’s Park) was established opposite the ASHA Tower in Shamoli. This park opens every day at 11:00 AM and closes at 10:00 PM. Entry fee to the park Tk.20 per head. There…

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Car Market

The number of cars and motorized vehicles is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh despite the lack of infrastructure. Car retailing has become an important sector in marketing. Kuril Bishwa Road, Gulshan, Kakrial and Dhanmondi, these four places are famous for car…

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Shamoli Bazaar

The Shamoli general market is very new and has grown dramatically since it was established three years ago on the east side of Shamoli Club Field. Three years before it was built the local people were dependent on the street…

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Mohakhali Market

Mohakhali is an important and busy area in Dhaka city. Many important offices and institutions are located here. Mohakhali Bus terminal is one of the important terminals of Dhaka city. Every day thousands of people, particularly from greater Mymensingh region,…

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Sukrabad Bazaar

Sukrabad Bazaar is adjacent to the historical Road 32, Dhanmondi where the residence of the founder of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujiba Rahman, is located. Bangabandhu (Father of Nation) was murdered here, together his family members, on 15 August 1975. The house…

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Chandrima Uddan/ Zia Uddan

Chandrima Uddan is situated beside the National Parliament of Bangladesh. The park has always been popular but it became more so after it was decided to bury Ziaur Rahman the late Bangladesh president here. The former BNP government built a…

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Framgate Street Market

Farmgate is a busy focal point in Dhaka City. It has been an important market area since Dhaka began to modernise. Bus, CNGs and rickshaws connect Farmgate to all important places in Dhaka City. It is, in short, a major…

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Shah Ali Majar & Market

Islam expanded in Bangladesh with the mission of mystical the spiritual leaders Pir Murshid and Pir Aulia, who came from Paroshoo (Iran and Iraq regions) in the Middle East particularly from They were enlightened and devoted Sufis.

Although they was Muslims…

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Muktijuddha Market

After independence the first government of Bangladesh gave priority to the objectives of the independence war and tried to create an environment that recognized the millions gave their lives in patriotic sacrifice. Today the Bangladesh government still gives a monthly…

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Banarashi Polli

Banarashi and Jamdani are examples of the world finest Muslin cloth, which are of the proud of Bangladeshi heritage of weaving. Banarashi is an artistic, immaculately hand made sari cloth which is generally used for creating Bengali women’s wedding dresses,…

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Mirpur Street Market

Most streets of Dhaka, except some areas of the new Dhaka, have a street market operating to meet the daily needs of the nearby inhabitants. Although the markets are officially illegal they provide an important service as well as a…

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Mirpur-10 is not officially market but an avenue with four roads connecting it to the major suburbs of Dhaka that is densely packed with shops, plaza, hawker stalls and street food vendors. The area is generally known as Mirpur Gulchokkor…

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Haji Camp Bazaar

The Bangladesh government established the Haji Camp in1998 to accommodate the large number of Muslim pilgrims traveling between Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. Haji Camp Bazaar was established just opposite the Haji camp at the same time as…

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Mascot Plaza

Within one decade Uttara has become as busy as the main city, Dhaka. A large number of modern shopping centers and high-rise buildings have been established in the downtown area. Mascot Plaza is one of the better-known modern shopping centers…

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North Tower

North tower is the most up market shopping mall of Uttara. This is a twelve-storied tower with the first six floors used as shopping mall and the rest used as offices for a variety of companies. This is the biggest…

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Raj laxmi Complex

The modernization of Uttara began about twenty years ago with the establishment of a few modern shopping centers. The Raj Laxmi complex, owned by the famous Bangladeshi film star Nayok Raj Razzique was one of the first modern shopping centers…

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Khilkhet Bazaar

Dhaka city is expanding in all directions due to its ever-increasing population through migration from the country-side. Most people don’t have the ability to buy land in main city but have a desire to live in the capital. As a…

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Gulshan Market

Gulshan is the center of upper class Dhaka city as well being the main expatriate area, housing most of the embassies. Consequently Gulshan Market caters for this clientele with lots of foreign product on sale.

Generally the market sells high quality…

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Maddha Badda Bazaar

Although Badda stands just besides the aristocratic Gulshan area it is not fully developed and remains an old-fashioned Dhaka market where life style, culture and infrastructure are distinctly old. Moreover the bazaar seems to have been by-passed by modern communication…

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Rampura Bazaar

Rampura is famous for housing the BTV (Bangladesh Television), the national broadcasting television’s head office, which is a major landmark in Dhaka. Rampura has become an important business and residential area. Although the roadsides area are decorated with different shops…

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Banani Bazaar

Banani is an elite area of Dhaka city where marketing, life style and shop contents parallel the developed world. This area is based on luxury consumption and is full the head offices of global companies, private universities and school as…

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Malibag Bazaar

Nawab, Subadar, Amir, Umara, Jaigirdar created many gardens (bagan) in Dhaka city in the Mughal period. They appointed many mali (gardens) to take care of these gardens and to make flower garlands. The mali lived in together in this area,…

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Mouchak Market

Mouchak Market is one of the favorite markets for the middle class women of Dhaka Metropolitan city. This market was established just after Independence for Bangladesh on 1972. At that time it was considered the most modern market in Dhaka.…

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Khilgaon Bazaar

The down town “Khilgaon” area was just like the countryside until the establishment of the biggest flyover bridge in the country, which changed the appearance of the area dramatically. Khilgaon Bazaar is situated just near the Khilgaon Rail crossing, which is always fearfully crowded as many hawkers open their stalls along the railway.

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Metro Shopping Mall

Globalization and modernization, have had an impact on Dhaka city architecture. This can be seen in the design of markets and the market motif, manifested in consumerism as a life style and a culture. Within the past few years many shopping malls have been established and global brand products have become widely available, which in turn has an impact on the quality of local products. The modern markets and the products they sell are the most obvious examples of the influence of the West on contemporary urban Bangladesh.

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Uttor Badda Bazaar

With the change of time and the increasing population more markets are required in Dhaka city. The northern part of Dhaka except the Gulsan and Banani has not yet developed the necessary infrastructure to create a modern market culture and…

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Chobir Hat, Flower Market and Shishu Park

In the Mughal period the name of Shahbag was Bag-E-Shahenshah. It was hard to pronounce. In the British period the name was changed into Shahbag for easier recall.

This area is famous for many important institutes. Bangabondhu Medical College Hospital, BIRDEM,…

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Eastern Plaza

‘Eastern Plaza’ was established in 1990 on the famous ‘Shunargoan ’ road. This is the first multi stored ultra modern shopping center built in Dhaka city. However, there are now many attractive shopping malls competing with Eastern Plaza for customers,…

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Hatirpul Bazaar

Hatirpul Bazaar is situated on the northern border of Dhanmondi thana. Although this is a small Bazaar it has historical significance. People say that in British period ( until 1947) local landlords used this place as an elephant farm, hence…

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Elephant Road

Elephant Road is situated on the north side of National Science lab. The middle point of Elephant Road is known as Bata Signal because a big Bata show room is the landmark for this part of Dhaka. There are also…

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Teacher Student Center (TSC)/Dhaka University

Dhaka University is the biggest and oldest University of Bangladesh. It was established in 1921. This is called ‘Oxford of the East’. It covered a big area of Dhaka city with a number of important institutes. However there are many…

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Aziz Super Market

Aziz Super Market of Shahabag is situated nearby the National Museum. It is an apartment cum commercial complex and having 14th floored building. First three floor and under ground uses as commercial place and the upper rest part is apartment…

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Rickshaw Market

Dhaka is the city of Rickshaw. Dhaka can not be imagined without Rickshaw, is the part of Dhaka life. But the recommendations of World Bank, IMF and donor agencies it evicting from the so called VIP road to stop traffic-jam.…

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Nayapolton – Polowel Market, Road Show

Nayapolton is one of the important business area in Dhaka city. There are lots of shopping markets, shops, showrooms, banks, political party office, cinema halls, media centre, community centers hotel and high-rise apartment building.

Polowel market is the most famous market…

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Baitul Mukarram Gold & Street Market

Baitul Mukarram gold and watch market is the biggest jewelry market of the country. The part of ground floor and first floor of the market is jewelry and watch market. All famous gold importers and ornament makers of the country have show-room in this market. Since Pakistan period this market started and is becoming.

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Stadium Market

Dhaka stadium market refers to the Banga Bondhu National Stadium Market, Maolana Vashani Stadium Market and Swimming Pull Market. These three markets are much closed. Vashani stadium market & Swimming pull market are two stored and Banga Bondhu stadium market is three stored. Stadium market is mainly famous for electronics products.

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Baitul Mukarram Prayer Products Market

Baitul Mukarram is the national mosque of Bangladesh. It is situated beside General Post Office of Bangladesh. (GPO). The architecture of Baitul Mukarram is very modern resemble to Mecca. It is an eight stored building. It is a center of…

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Al Razzaque Restaurant

Al Razzaque Restaurant is a famous restaurant in Bangshal, old Dhaka as well as in Dhaka city. It is luxurious hotel and restaurant in old Dhaka. The restaurant is very familiar for the delicious Bangla taste and local traditional foods. Every day lots of people come to eat, particularly the businessmen who come in old Dhaka for their business purposes.

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Kamalapur (Motijheel View 3)

Kamalapur Railway Station is the central railway station in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is the largest railway station of the country, however the most important terminal for communication between Dhaka and whole Bangladesh. It is also one of the most modern…

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Motijheel: View 1

Motijheel ( Commercial Area ) is situated at the heart of the Dhaka city. Motijheel thana was established in 1976. The General Post Office of Motijheel is considered the zero point of Dhaka. Motijheel is close to the Kamalapur railway…

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Gulistan Street Market

Gulistan is very familiar and busiest street in Dhaka city. Gulistan means garden of flowers. Although there is no any flower garden but have Gulap Shah’s Shrine ( majar ). From street to multistoried build every place of Gulistan is market. The road always busy with street selling, continuous moving of rickshaw, bus, bike however moving of restless men and women.

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Siddique Bazaar

Siddique Bazaar is famous for whole sale shoe and seeds sale market. There are more than 2000 shoe shops. Ladies, genes, kids all kind of shoe and sandal sale here both with retail and whole sales price. This is one of the biggest shoe and sandal whole sale market of Bangladesh.

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Kaptan Bazaar

Kaptan Bazaar stands beside Gulistan in old Dhaka. This is very old market in Dhaka city. In 1940 this Bazaar was firstly established and named was Thatari Bazaar. In next in Pakistan period many captains of ship from Sadarghat came…

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Banga Bazaar

Banga Bazaar was established firstly in 1976 into Fulbaria of Dhaka in which present name, “Dhaka Trade Center ”. In 1990 the bazaar has been transferred in front of “Bangladesh Fire Service Office”. Banga bazaar is named by the ancient…

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Live Presentation from Dhaka

The live presentation is by the livebits artist Shahjahan Siraj over skype. He talks with the audience via the MC at Linz Avenue’s screening session. The presenters asked questions on the objective, research finding, present trend and traditions of Dhaka…

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Roy Shahab Bazaar

Roy Shahab Bazaar is mainly famous for vegetable and hardware shops. This is the one market between two whole sale hardware markets of the country. There are about 70 whole sale hardware shops and huge number of vegetable, fish, chicken and general shops in this market. Nat-boltu, chatki, zinari, pipe, haturi and other many iron things are sale here.

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Tati Bazaar (Gold Market)

Tati bazaar is famous for gold and silver market, is one of the biggest gold markets in Bangladesh. Ornament mortgagee, remakingn and jewelry are main commerce of this market. There are 1200 jewelers are available here. Beside this there are almost 3000 ornament making factories. Beside ornament shop there are some grocery, stationary, pharmacy are also seen here.

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Happy Learning: Day 1 and 2

In this situation “NABO JIBON KENDRO” is running a school only for the slum children. They provide good education and food for neutrition. The aim of the school is to bring the slum children in mainsteam peoples participation that they can contribute in the development process. The school was established at 1995 and support from the donors from Austria. The children are happy to learn and get the opportunity to be a good citizen.

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Islampur Clothes Market

The biggest cloth market of Bangladesh is Islampur Cloth Market. This market started from British period with few shops. In Pakistan period this market expended step by step. After independence of Bangladesh this cloth market fully established as the biggest cloth market of the country.

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Bangshal Market

Bangshal is famous for bicycle. From here Bicycle supplied all over the countr. Bicycle spare parts shop also available here. Bike shops especially spare parts of bike shops are available here. This is another famous this of Bangshal. Retail and hole sellers of the country collect bicycle, bicycle spare parts, bikes spare parts from Bangshal Market. There are many importers and some famous electronics brand company’s show-room. Beside these stationary, grocery, vegetable, meat, steel shop, building materials shops are available here.

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Najira Bazaar

Najira bazaar is located nearby Dhaka medical college, Gulistan and Bango Bazaar in old Dhaka. There are restaurant, stationary, groceries, confectionary, vegetable- fish –meat &fruits shops, and other many shops are available beside the road of Najira bazaar.

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Tom Tom Tour

Tom-Tom (horse cart) is the historical vehicle of Dhaka city. It’s linked with the immerge of Dhaka city. Since Mughol this is popular vehicle but was only limited to the elite class as was the rickshaw. Nowadays it has been generalized. In modern Dhaka with the dominancy of taxi, CNG, auto rickshaw covered the crowded Dhaka city; day by day Tom-Tom has been reducing. But the value of Tom Tom still now high. Present general road of Tom Tom is Gulistan to Sadarghat.

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Thatari Bazaar

Thatari Bazaar is situated in old Dhaka beside Gulistan. This is the oldest market of Dhaka city. This bazaar established about 150 years ago. Once here lived Kashari (maker of metallic pots and pitchers). When they made metallic pots and pitchers it makes high sound (thas thas) and that is why this bazaar named Thatari bazaar. In past this place was residence of Hindu people.

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Sadarghat Market

Sadarghat is stands In the bank of Burigonga River. It is only one report of Dhaka Metropolitan, however the busiest river port of Bangladesh. From here the stemmer and river vehicle runs around the country, particularly linked with Barisal, Vula, Shariatpur, Khulna, Patuakhali etc Southern coastal districts of Bangladesh.

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Babu Bazaar and Naya Bazaar

Babu bazaar is the most famous whole sales rice market of Dhaka city. The new extension of Babu Bazar known as ‘Naya Bazaar’ ( new bazaar). It is situated in the old Dhaka in the bank of the Burigonga River. This is the main rice source market of Dhaka city. There is no retail selling shop; only wholesales buyers can buy rice. There are more than 300 rice shops.

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Bangla Bazaar

The name “Bangla Bazaar” itself having the name of Bangla Language name and spirit. Bangla bazaar is one of the most famous book market of Dhaka city. It is situated in old zone. Maximum books of Bangladesh has been published from Bangla bazaar.

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Shankhari Bazaar

Shankhari Bazaar, the name itself is inheriting glory of shankha art. Once the Shankhari Bazar was famous as the place of art. The traditional Shankha industry is now struggling for survival. Fighting with Indian products, excessive prices of raw materials;…

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Laxmi Bazaar

Laxmi Bazaar cover the area of Bahadur Sha Park. It is famous for rickshaw art, repairing, street market and gathering of rickshaw puller of old Dhaka. In the street restaurant the rickshaw puller takes food with low priced food however…

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Chak Bazaar

Chak bazaar is one of a famous market of old Dhaka. As a whole sales market people knows it’s by name. It was established on 1947 under the private ownership. All owners of shops make Bazer shomitee in together. Total…

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Nilkhat Book Market

The name Nilkhat comes from the “Nil” cultivation of English colonial period. Here may once was cultivated Nil and named of the place Nilkhat ( Nil + Field ).

However in the modern Dhaka Nilkhat is famous as booking and printing…

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Gaosia and Chadni Chak

Gaosia is one of the famous & oldest private markets of Dhaka city. This market is especially for woman. All kind of ladies’ fashion and dressing products are available here. Late Aber Hasan established it in 1979. It has five…

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New Market, Dhaka, Bangladesh

New market is one of the famous & old markets in Dhaka city. It was established in 1958 by Dhaka City Corporation. It has two stored building with in triangular shaped. There are about 480 stores in this market. In the center of new market has a beautiful mosque. Home & family products, shari, cloths, shoes, books, stationary, jewelers, fast food, electronic products, kitchen products are available here.

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Dhaka Police Deploy ‘Burka Squad’ to Nab Pickpockets

Leave it to the (presumably male) Dhaka police force to come up with a novel way to counter the rise of theft in their city: cross-dress.

According to a report from the Agence France Presse, Dhaka police officers have recently been…

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New Ship Recycling Treaty Signed in Hong Kong

After a week-long conference in Hong Kong, this week saw the signing of a new, extensive international treaty on ship recycling.

After five years of negotiations by 64 countries, the new regulations, known as the International Convention for the Safe and…

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