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In September 2008, 80+1 announced a unique competition for “Art Exploring Real-Time Connectedness”.

The one essential requirement for all proposals was “live bits:” real-time digital information via any network of any viable quantity. We further stated that we were as interested in projects requiring only a “trickle” of live bits as we were in broadband applications.

The deadline for proposal submission was October 31, 2008 and the finalists were selected no later than November 30, 2008.

We received 295 entries from 42 countries, from which we selected the 15 below.

80+1 days around Dhaka: Live bits from Dhakai markets

Artist: Shahjahan Siraj [Bangladesh]
Assistance: Jahangir Alam, Raihath Sohel, Farhad Hossain, Kamrul Hasan, Junaed Shahriar, Matsuzaki Misuzu [Bangladesh]
Topic: Markets
Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


View Dhaka Markets in a larger map

By overcoming the limits of space and time, Dhaka marketplaces will now be…

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Artist: Gabriela Golder [Argentina]
Realization: Gabriela Golder, Escuela de Comunicación Multimedial de la Universidad Maimónides [Argentina]
Production and collaboration: Abel Casanelli, Violeta Gau, José Allona, Violeta Cassanelli, Alejandra Marinaro, María Fernanda Amenta, Facundo Colantonio, Valeria Evdemón, Pablo Martín Fernández, Guido Gardini, Guido Cerato [Argentina], Ars…

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Blowing air from Beijing to Linz

Artist group: 8GG interactive (Fu Yu, Jia Haiqing) [China]
Tech: Shan Yang, Sun Zhongyi [China]
Assistance: Er Mao, Ding Ying [China]
Special thanks to: Gai Yunong, Wang Zhaofang, EON [China]
Topic: Food
Location: Lord of Salt Restaurant, Beijing, China

This project creates the illusion of moving scents…

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Artist: Marianne Schmidt [Germany]
Software Engineer: André Bernhardt
Topic: Progress
Location: 80+1 basecamp and AEC

Digitie is a real-time communication channel that connects two places. For both sides, it is only a little test of courage to put a hand inside the gadget. The…

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Grand Mutual Smiles

Artist: Pierre Proske [Australia]
Tech: Damian Stewart
Software: Arturo Castro
Topic: Happiness
Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

In a response to accusations in 1987 by a journalist that the pace of development in Bhutan was slow, the then King of Bhutan replied “Gross National Happiness is more…

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Artists: Eugene Ahn [South Korea] and Hye Ki Min [South Korea]
Topic: Education
Location: New York, NY, USA

LinkCube is a pair of networked units stationed in public spaces in two international cities and allows people to take pictures together in real-time.…

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Microbloggingsuit for an Industrial Worker

Artist: Flaviu Moldovan [Romania]
Topic: Identity
Location: Pitesti, Romania

In the project “Microbloggingsuit for an Industrial Worker,” the artist wants to provide typical manual laborers with custom-build hands-free communication devices to connect them from any possible place on Earth to Internet. The repetitive…

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Movement & Impact

Artists: Sabine Haerri [Switzerland] and Yvonne Weber [Switzerland]
in Collaboration with the Ars Electronica Futurelab
Topic: Traffic
Location: Gotthard Tunnel, Switzerland

Movement & Impact is an installation transporting the feeling of vehicles passing the Gotthard Road Tunnel. This road tunnel is a major highway…

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Artist: Samir Ayyad [Gaza]
Topic: Coexistence
Place: Gaza

Soundshelters is an interactive multi-channel sound space that connects people in Linz and in Gaza. The “real sound” in Linz will be overlaid by sound travelling from Gaza to Linz and vice versa. There may…

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Artists: Lila Chitayat [Israel] and Alon Chitayat [Israel]
Tech: Tal Chalozin [Israel]
Software: Michael Shynar [Israel]
Topic: Cultural Heritage
Location: Jerusalem, Israel

TaxiLink Project is an interactive installation that enables users to experience a distant, but authentic taxi ride in Jerusalem. While sitting in…

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The Three Gorges of the Future

Artist:  Zhu Handong [China]
Photographer: Liao Hongbo [China]
Second Life Technician: Zhao Ken [China]
Project Assistant: Zhang Han [China]
Topic: Energy
Location: Three Gorges, China

This project is a combination of Internet, images and interactive devices between the virtual world and the world. The project is…

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Topology of Dubai: The Mapping of Urban Change

Artists: Noah Shibley [Canada] and Hyunjoo Oh [Korea]
Tech: Andrea Bianchi [Italy], Uram Choe [Korea], Will Craig [USA], and Michael Grant [Canada]
Topic: Growth
Location: Dubai, UAE

“Topology of Dubai” highlights the construction crane and its movements that are the very expression of city…

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Urbanet: Johannesburg-Linz

Artists: Stephen Hobbs [South Africa] and Marcus Neustetter [South Africa]
Topic: Civil Society
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

The Hobbs/Neustetter team aims to introduce the European audience to the harsh, unusual and often abrasive social and economic conditions that produce a contradictory experience of…

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Video from Thimphu/Bhutan

Here you can find a video with impressions from the exhibition of Pierre Proskes project Grand Mutual Smiles in Thimphu/Bhutan:

Grand Mutual Smiles from Pierre Proske on Vimeo.

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White Shadow

Artists: Team4040
Concept and Production: Jesus Cabrera Hernandez (ESP),
Jona Hoier (AUT), Ulrike Gollner (AUT), Ebru Kurbak (TUR),
Sho Kuwabara (JPN), Tiago Martins (POR), Michael Probst (AUT),
Jeldrik Schmuch (AUT), Onur Sönmez (TUR)
Topic: Migration
Location, Mexico City, Mexico

White Shadow is a telematic sundial connecting people from…

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WIA < > WIA (Water in Africa < > Water in Austria)

Artist: Melissa Fatoumata Touré [Mali]
Tech: Zoumana Habib Tounkara, Djelimady Samaké, Ballaké Touré, Sibiri Touré, Soumano Dieneba Touré [Mali]
Topic: Water
Location: Koulouninko, Mali
URL: website

Even if life is very different in Europe, there is the one issue that makes the very different in Africa and Europe: water. Our…

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Other Art Projects

We have selected other art projects for 80+1 from queries and from the Ars Electronica and Future Lab archive. Please find here some additional projects and activities that are taking place LIVE between Linz and a remote place in the world.


CollageTable is one of the objects to emerge from the Office of Tomorrow R&D project that’s been conducted jointly with voestalpine group-IT and Team 7, and is now being carried on at Austria Research Studio NiCE. The primary objective of…

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Credits: The Finnish Bio Art Society, Laura Beloff, Erich Berger, Prof.
Antero Järvinen, Anu Osva
Supported by: The Finnish Bio Art Society and the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, Helsinki University
Topic: Climate Change
Place: Kilpisjärvi Finnland / Finland

Kilpisjärvi is the site of a field research station whose aim…

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PIN HOLE - live out of the box

Remember the last time you felt completely surprised opening a box? Was it a Christmas gift or an engagement ring? Whatever it was we can guarantee that nothing compares with the fun PIN HOLE brings you.

Have you ever been to…

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Rope in Space

Rope in Space
Concept: Ars Electronica Futurelab
Production: voestalpine Lehrwerkstätte, Institut für Systemsoftware der JKU Linz,
Topic: Progress
Location: Architekturzentrum Wien (MQ)

This interactive installation makes it possible to play the game ‘Rope in Space’ with an opponent who is at another location. One end…

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Starry, Starry Night: Wishes for the Future

Many people left their wishes for the future within Starry, Starry Night -klick here and find out the wishes of our guests!

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